Fenugreek seeds

  • Sometimes we don’t know that there is some magical ingredient present in our Kitchen which can be used as the best home remedy for various diseases. Fenugreek seeds are one of them.
  • Fenugreek is a herb long used in alternative medicine, it is a common ingredient in Indian dishes and often taken as a supplement. For thousands of year, fenugreek has been used in alternative and Chinese medicine to treat skin conditions and many other diseases.
  • This blog is about everything you need to know about fenugreek seeds, its uses and benefits.

1.) Menstrual cramps:-

chewing on a tablespoon of two of soaked fenugreek seeds helps in cramps and mood swings during the menstrual cycle. The seeds contain compounds such as diosgenin and isoflavones, which copy the benefits of estrogen and provide immediate and long-lasting relief from any discomfort or pain.

2.) Reduces labour pain

Fenugreek seeds have been known to be supportive in stimulating labour. They additionally help to decrease labour pain also. However, excessive intake of fenugreek seeds during pregnancy can cause miscarriage or premature delivery.

3.) Beat bad breath:-

chewing one teaspoon of soaked fenugreek seeds works brilliantly for bad breath caused either by a common cold, sinus or influenza.

4.) Weight loss:-

well if you tried everything to lose weight and tired enough, now here is the good news for you. Drink two glasses of methi water on an empty stomach in the morning. fenugreek seeds contain natural fibres, which help you to stay full for a longer time, consequently smothering appetite.

5.) Helps in digestion:-

daily consumption of one teaspoon of soaked fenugreek seeds can boost bowel movements and it is a cure against digestive problems. fenugreek also flush out harmful toxins from the body.

6.) Say goodbye to hair problems:-

consumption of fenugreek seeds every day will reduce hair fall, prevent prematurely greying, add shine to your hair, promote hair growth. additionally, you can also massage your scalp with it what you just need to do is make a paste of soaked methi seeds and used it as a hair mask. you will see the results within one week.

7.) Glowing skin:-

fenugreek seeds lighten skin tone. They also prevent the outbreaks and keep skin free from pimples and dark spots.

8.) Effects on testosterone levels in men:-

one of the most common reasons men use fenugreek supplements is to boost their testosterone. some studies have found that it has beneficial effects, including an increased lipido.

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